As a member of the A-Z Supporters Club you help to keep the interest going and to help with the cost of things like remastering  software AND you get free downloads too.....

Although the show is broadcast on 60 stations worldwide, I don't get paid a bean for it.  It's a labour of love.  If you saw the amount of work involved in each hour of programming you may be surprised.  Just imagine just for a moment you were doing it yourself - where would you start?

If you join the club then each week I will send you your own personal copy of the show (starting at episode 1)  that you can put on CD, stick on your phone or ipod and keep reminding yourself of the music and the info behind it.  

In addition to this you get a full tracklist of the music used PLUS you get an MP3 copy of each track used in the A-Z for yourself.

Note that i'm not selling these, most are in the public domain for anyone who wants to find them although I have  remastered many of them to make sure they sound good enough for radio.

Please consider joining the club - click the button below to sign up for just 3.99 a month!  you can leave at anytime you like  there are no ties.