The A-Z of Northern Soul is a radio show like no other and a project that I have been trying to complete for more than 20 years!  This time with your help I might actually complete it.

The idea is that i play the best of Northern Soul in A-Z order.  The highest quality music files are used, the highest quality broadcast processing makes it sound even better.

It is expected that there will be over 10,000 songs used and at 23 tracks per show on average then we are looking at close to 450 hours of radio without a single repeated song.  That's quite a first!

The show aims to be the most comprehensive Northern Soul show ever but there are some rules that i live by.  Firstly i dont say this is totally everyhting ever done in Northern Soul - it's just not possible.  as an example I could probably find 100 tracks or more from Edwin Starr that are big in the Northern Soul scene.  that would just degenerate into artist discographies - that's not what the show is about.

Also, under broadcast licencing we arent allowed to play more than 3 tracks from a single artist in a single show - so for that reason you may well find that 'The Artistics' for example appear for several episodes.  This does gives more variety in each show anyway so it's a rule i like.

So, with all that said I invite you to listen to the shows.  I'm sure that I will get some things wrong and if you want to scream at me and say "that's not right" then i'm here :) send me an email

To listen to the shows you will find a link up at the top that says 'listen to shows'  as well as links to join and become a supporter.  If you really love the show I hope that we will become friends and you will join the club.  you do get some freebies!

I hope you enjoy this radio series and hope you agree that i'm leaving a legacy for all to enjoy :)

Glyn Williams


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